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The Fifth Edition of The AAOP Guidelines is now available


The AAOP is proud to announce that the fifth edition of the AAOP Guidelines edited by Reny de Leeuw and Gary Klasser, and with contributions from several AAOP members, has been published and is available for just $48 at Quintessence Publishing. This state of the art book is a must for everyone interested in assessment, diagnosis and management of orofacial pain and associated conditions.  All AAOP Fellow and Active Members have been sent a complimentary copy.  This new edition includes several updates, has adopted the DC/TMD as the backbone for temporomandibular disorders, and has now a chapter dedicated to pain and sleep. When available, evidence based literature has been included to provide for scientifically sound and effective diagnostic procedures and treatment options. With an eye on the near future, this edition includes not only ICD-9, but also ICD-10 codes for most disorders described. The following topics are covered in 12 separate chapters. All chapters start with a series of key points to help direct the reader.

  • Introduction to Orofacial Pain
  • General Assessment of the Orofacial Pain Patient
  • Diagnostic Classification of Orofacial Pain
  • Vascular and Nonvascular Intracranial Disorders
  • Primary Headache Disorders
  • Intraoral Pain Disorders
  • Temporomandibular disorders
  • Cervicogenic Mechanisms of Orofacial Pain and Headaches
  • Extracranial Causes of Orofacial Pain and Headaches
  • Sleep and Orofacial Pain
  • Axis II Biobehavioral Considerations